Britain is Taking the First Step Towards Self-Driving Cars

Britain’s Department of Transport said on Wednesday that it is working on a “specific formulation” to update the country’s expressway code for the safe use of autonomous vehicle systems.

The government said that self-driving cars will be allowed to run on some roads in Britain by the end of this year, according to the British newspaper “Daily Mirror”.

This means that the United Kingdom is the first country to announce its intention to regulate the use of autonomous vehicles at slow speeds on highways, with the first of these cars likely to appear on public roads as soon as this year.

The regulations will start with automatic lane-keeping systems “ALKS” that use sensors and software to keep cars in a specific lane, allowing them to accelerate and brake without driver intervention.

The government has said that the use of “ALKS” will be limited to highways with speeds of at least 60 kilometers per hour.

The Department for Transport predicts that by 2035 about 40% of new cars in the UK will have autonomous capabilities.