Back Pain After Working for a Long Time

If you are often plagued by back pain, then you are not alone. In fact, according to data from the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases, back pain is one of the most common medical problems in the United States. At least one day’s pain within.

In addition, the work you do yourself may put you at risk: some jobs may require you to lift or pull heavy objects, while others may require sitting at your desk all day, both of which can cause damage to your spine .

You may worry about your complaint being taken seriously, and the potential backlash from requesting amendments that will not only help you relieve back pain, but also do better. These worries will not help your back feel better.

In order to understand the impact of back pain symptoms on workers, researchers in the UK asked 25 people who were treated for back pain what their biggest work challenge was. They found five key issues:

How to communicate their situation to colleagues and bosses and take them seriously
Worried about their future work ability
How to deal with their working conditions, especially during the outbreak
Worried about medication
Worry about the consequences of illness
Coping with back pain at work

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Best home remedies for low back pain: recommendations from a physical therapist

One of the reasons back pain symptoms are so problematic at work is that other people cannot see the pain-if a colleague cannot see your pain, he or she may forget the pain there.

You may think that silence is better than tolerating your own attention, but you must break this silence to relax your mind and body.

An effective step to help you advocate yourself at work is to diagnose. Dr. Charles Laurito, professor of anesthesiology at the University of Illinois School of Medicine in Chicago and an interventional pain expert, recommends that you see a doctor who can investigate the cause of pain and provide you with treatment recommendations. The post-confirmation diagnosis will support your request for changes to the workplace so that you can reduce pain and improve work efficiency.

Nowadays, mobile phones, computers and other items can be said to be inseparable in people’s lives for a day. Many young people experience low back pain after playing with mobile phones or computers for a long time, and they think they have “lumber spondylopathy.” In this regard, the vast majority of people do not pay attention to it, and some people repeatedly seek medical treatment for “lumbar spondylopathy,” but the effect is not good. Low back pain is not only caused by cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine injuries. The fascia of our low back can also cause this pain when standing, sitting, or sleeping improperly. The culprit is generally not the traditional view that muscles are too tight, but The fascia on the lower back is too short, which is why the soreness occurs in areas of the body rather than confined to a certain point, because the fascia cannot transmit the tension that it bears beyond its own tolerance. After going out, the fascia began to “turn around in place.”

Many people twist their waist as soon as they bend and lower their heads when doing a very common thing. Orangutans and monkeys do not suffer from low back pain. If you look closely at them, you will find that although they always walk with the cat on their waist, they all bend their knees and hips. The orthopedic expert laughed and said that the best way is to bend the knees while bending over. Keep yourself bent at the waist while learning to bend your knees and your hips.

Don’t always force one side

Many people are accustomed to using one side, such as always using the right hand or right shoulder. Long-term pressure on one side will cause uneven force on the waist and easily strain the muscles. “Many people are accustomed to pulling with one hand when walking the dog. After a long time, they can easily hurt their waist.” Experts suggest that you must maintain a balanced force on the waist at ordinary times. Bag, or rotate left and right hands.

Warm up before exercise

It is very common for patients with waist injury caused by exercise. Exercise itself is a very good thing. Many people suffer from exercise injury. One of the most common reasons is that they have not done warm-up exercises and other preparations. In this way, the body suddenly and quickly enters the state of exercise, and it is easy to be overwhelmed. Therefore, sports enthusiasts must remember to warm up before exercising, such as standing and twisting the waist, bending the waist and pressing the legs, so as to enhance the nervous system’s response ability.

Don’t stay in one position for a long time

Maintaining a posture for a long time can easily hurt the waist. Many people go to work for long periods of time, or like to lie on the bed or on the sofa to play with their phones or read books. In this state, the lower back is suspended, and the upper body weight is fully pressed to the lumbar spine. Over time, it is easy to cause herniated discs. Housewives bend over and drag the floor for a long time, which will cause muscle fatigue, reduced flexibility and stiffness.

Therefore, people who sit for a long time must stand up and move around. When sitting, add a cushion to keep the waist from hanging. Mopping the floor may wish to increase the size of the mop to avoid excessive bending.