Bruno Le Maires Opposes a “Boost” the Minimum Wage

French finance minister Bruno Le Maires aid this Sunday opposed a “boost” beyond the automatic revaluation of the minimum wage on 1 January. “There will be no boost to the Smic on January 1, in any case I do not wish,” said Sunday the minister on France 3.

“There is a formula that we apply, and I think we must respect this formula,” he pleaded, recalling that the government had already “massively increased the activity premium,” “100 euros, at the Smic level “.

Expert group on Smic shares the opinion
“And I think the activity bonus, and indeed a number of reports establish it, is more effective than the Smic for the purchasing power of people who are paid at the level of Smic,” he said. he judged.

The position of the Minister follows that of the group of experts on the Smic, consulted before each revaluation of the minimum wage on January 1, which recommended Thursday to abstain from any “help”.

Negative each year
Since its creation in 2008, this panel of economists has always been unfavorable, considering that it would hurt the employment of the least qualified, unemployment still high, while having a “limited impact against poverty”.

The Smic benefits each year from a mechanical increase, calculated according to two criteria: the inflation observed for the 20% of households with the lowest incomes and half of the gain of purchasing power of the basic hourly wage worker and employee (SHBOE ). On January 1, 2019, this revaluation was 1.5%.