Bugatti will Make 30 Units of Chiron Speed Recorder

Bugatti decided to produce 30 units of the Chiron Super Sport 300+. The model is the production version of the prototype that broke the 300 mile per hour (482 km / h) barrier and set a record for a production car. The units will be delivered only in mid-2021. The model, of course, will not be cheap and will cost 3.5 million euros, about $ 16 million in direct conversion.

“After the incredible speed record, we will offer our customers a very special version and the fastest Bugatti in history,” said automaker president Stephan Winkelmann.

The car is virtually identical to the model that broke the record. The body is carbon fiber with orange painted parts. The front is almost the same as the “normal” Chiron, but the rear has more differences.

The swing is longer and the engine cover is unique to the special model. In addition, the four exhaust outlets are grouped in pairs and installed vertically. The only visible change of the production model is the wheels, special for the 300+ version.

The engine is the well-known 8.0-liter four-turbocharger W16, but ready to deliver 1,600 hp. Bugatti has not yet decided whether to limit the model’s top speed at some point, but the Chiron 300+ may not be as fast as the track model.


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