Checkra1n” the Software that Exploits an Incorrigible iPhone Crash

A group of programmers have released software that can jailbreak all Apple devices with A5 through A11 processors. This includes all iPhone models since 4S, excluding only those released in the last two years (XR, XS and Line 11), as well as several iPad and Apple TV models.

Called “checkra1n”, the program exploits a vulnerability in the chip initialization code that cannot be modified after manufacture. For this reason, the failure is considered uncorrectable. Through this error, it is possible to install programs not authorized by Apple on these devices, including spy or monitoring applications.

But what does this mean in practice for anyone who owns an iPhone? To fully protect yourself from this problem, you would need to purchase a newer device. Fortunately, the technique has certain limitations and most people do not have to worry about this glitch as long as the screen lock is set correctly.

Problem is present in a memory configured during manufacture and is considered uncorrectable, but only affects older iPhone models. – Photo: Disclosure / AppleProblem is present in a memory set during manufacture and is considered uncorrectable, but only affects older

Problem is present in a memory configured during manufacture and is considered uncorrectable, but only affects older iPhone models. –

Although checkra1n is able to completely unlock Apple devices, removing all system limitations and allowing any application to install, it cannot bypass the iPhone or iPad screen lock.

A malicious person needs to pick up your device while it is unlocked or be able to unlock it in some way. Without it, it is not possible to carry out the attack.

Another limitation of checkra1n is that it requires the device to be connected to a computer (currently only Apple Macs, but developers have promised a version of the software for Windows). Some jailbreak techniques in the past could be exploited by the web browser, but this is not the case with checkra1n.

The screen lock, therefore, is the main defense against this type of threat. Set an auto lock so your phone won’t be unlocked for long when not in use.

What if jailbreak is suspected?
The best solution if an unauthorized jailbreak is suspected is to restore the device to factory defaults.

Restoring the system erases your data and removes any installed applications, including something that may have been installed without your permission.

Remember to make a copy of photos and videos stored on your phone before this procedure. If you use a two-factor authentication app on your phone, it will also be removed, so be careful not to lose access to your online accounts and services.

The regular restore method does not completely reinstall the system, but should be sufficient for most cases. It’s also quite simple to perform – just follow Apple’s instructions to restore via iTunes or directly from your mobile phone.

The most complete method reinstalls the system, requires an iTunes computer, and a button combination that puts the phone in upgrade mode. See Apple’s instructions for how to do this on your phone model.

Is checkra1n criminal?
Checkra1n was created to facilitate jailbreaking from the “checkm8” bug released in September. Jailbreaking removes Apple’s restrictions on its devices, but almost all techniques have an expiration date as Apple releases updates that close the jailbreak breaches. This time, the issue cannot be fixed on vulnerable phones.

With jailbreaking, you can install games and applications outside the App Store, which makes the phone more powerful in some ways, and some people like to use the phone itself to take advantage of these features. Therefore, it is not in itself a criminal program.

What makes any jailbreak technique dangerous is the possibility of unlocking without authorization to install unwanted applications.

In this scenario, someone picks up your phone, jailbreaks, and installs a monitoring or spying program that wouldn’t be in the App Store without your noticing.