Chevrolet Equinox can Win 100% Electric Version

General Motors plans to launch 30 100% electric vehicles by 2025. And one of these releases may have been revealed early by registration footage of a 100% electric version of the Chevrolet Equinox. The registration application was made by the GM-Saic joint venture in China.

The images, released by the MotorTrend portal, show an Equinox with extensive visual changes that indicate 100% electric propulsion. Proof of this is the front with fully closed grille and sharpened headlamps, as in the new Bolt and Bolt EUV 2022.

The Equinox bodywork is revealed by the design of the doors and columns, exactly the same as the combustion version. The wheels have a very aerodynamic design in order to reduce drag at cruising speeds. At the rear, the lid has the same pattern, but receives an illuminated extension between the lanterns.

There is still no confirmation if and when the 100% electric version of Equinox will be released. The registered model may just be a prototype to be used for a future electric generation SUV – it is worth remembering that the Equinox is already in the middle of the current generation’s life cycle, which will soon receive the visual update in Brazil. Anyway, it’s just a matter of time for the model to become 100% electric, as GM has set the 2035 date as the limit for the end of the entire global combustion portfolio.