China’s Energy Consumption:Shutdown Requirements for Factories

Under the policy of the Chinese authorities to strengthen the dual control of energy consumption, many provinces have reported power curtailment and shutdown requirements for factories. The market is worried that if the curtailment measures continue, it may exacerbate the shortage of the global supply chain. Fed Chairman Paul Ball Attended the public hearing on the 28th, emphasizing that the United States has almost met the conditions for reducing debt purchases (Taper). In terms of domestic focus, the elevator manufacturer Yongda will conduct a share conversion with Hitachi, and Hitachi will acquire 100% of the equity; the following is a review of major events this week :

Evergrande crisis unresolved, China’s energy consumption dual control and power curtailment crisis impacts global supply chain

While the Evergrande crisis has not yet been resolved, the Chinese authorities have strengthened the implementation of the policy of double-consumption control and impact on Taiwanese business headquarters in Suzhou, Kunshan and other places. The order of the supply chain has been disrupted again. According to the public information observation station, nearly 100 companies are listed. All restricted power outages were affected, including PCBs, passive components, semiconductor equipment, casting plants, and e-sports pen power plants.

In the face of the sudden all-knife power curtailment policy in some provinces in China, it has caused an uproar from all walks of life. The market also speculates that the main reason is the surge in electricity demand, and many provinces may not be able to meet the power saving target set at the beginning of the year. In addition, due to the recent shortage of coal, However, some regions have begun to change their practices, reducing the impact on the economy by subsidizing power plants, signing long-term coal contracts, and suspending power rationing.