CMA Fears affecting Double Competition Between Apple and Google

The UK’s competition and market power, which launched an investigation into these concerns in early 2021, Apple and Google‘s parent company A have significant control over operating systems, app stores and web browsers on Tuesday. That said, it is feared that the duplication of groups may lead to less competitive and meaningful choices for customers.

The CMA said that people seem to be losing out on the full benefits of new products and services due to their “grip on space” and said it was also concerned that customers might be paying more than them. Face prices. In a “highly competitive market”.

Andrea Coselli, chief executive officer of CMA, said: “Apple and Google have come to grips with how mobile phones are used and we are concerned that this could lead to the loss of millions of people across the UK. Most people know that Apple And Google is the main player when it comes to choosing a phone.

“But it’s easy to forget that they’ve set all the rules too – from finding out which apps are available in their app stores, it’s hard for us to go to alternative browsers on our phones.” This control can limit innovation and choice, and lead to higher prices – none of which is good news for users. ”

The CMA said it temporarily found that Apple and Google were able to use their market power to create broadly self-sufficient ecosystems, making it “extremely difficult” for any other company to enter and Compete “meaningfully” with the new system.

As a result, CMA has developed a series of actions that it believes can be taken to resolve issues, including making it easier for users to switch between iOS and Android phones when they want to switch their device. Without losing performance or data. Installing apps using methods other than the Apple Store or Play Store is easy, including “web apps”, enabling all apps to give users the option to choose how they like game credits or subscriptions. Pay for things in the app. Integrates with Apple and Google payment systems and makes it easy for users to choose alternatives to Apple and Google for services like browsers, especially by making sure they can be easily configured. Which browser they have by default.

Observers think the best way to deal with this would be through a digital marketing unit, which, when it comes to power from the government, suggests so far that Apple and Google would be “strategic” for many. Market conditions meet certain criteria. The activities of this ecosystem, as outlined in the recent proposals of Downing Street to create a “new competitive regime for digital markets”.

If these proposals become law, the CMA Digital Marketing Unit will ultimately be responsible for deciding which major tech companies will receive SMS status, which will result in companies having to adopt a “legally enforceable behavior” to manage behavior. “Face it and stop their” abuse of power. ” Posts “