Coca-Cola Boss Earns 26.7 Million in Luxembourg And Earns 50 Times More

Sol Daurella, the president of the Coca-Cola European Partners bottling company, has skyrocketed her declared profits in Luxembourg. Indau, the equity company that is domiciled in the Grand Duchy, recorded in the last year, closed on December 31, a net result of 26.46 million euros. This figure represents practically multiplying by 53 the 512,351 euros that he earned the previous year.

As reflected in the company’s annual accounts, published in the Luxembourg commercial register and to which this newspaper has had access, this strong growth in earnings would be due, in principle, to the collection of interest in the investee companies, which has gone from 784,138 euros in 2018 to 26.7 million euros at the end of last year.

Although it is based in Luxembourg, Indau explains in its accounts that since 2016 it has been taxed in accordance with Spanish taxation as it has a branch in the country, which has no physical or legal headquarters but is taxed. It is a model similar to that of different multinational companies, especially technology companies such as Amazon.