Common Causes of Morning Fatigue

Do you feel sleepy after waking up in the morning? Doesn’t sleep make you more energetic? Your fatigue in the morning may be several symptoms. Everyone knows that sleep is a time of rest, and the body can recover from daily stress. Under ideal circumstances, you should be able to sleep well and be energetic the next day.

It takes a few minutes for each of us to “wake up” in the morning. For some people, it may only take a few minutes, and for some people it may take about an hour and a half to become active. This is morning fatigue. The body has just been in a short dormant state, and it will naturally take a while to reach the best state. In addition, many of us don’t do things in the morning, so some of the slowness and tiredness may just be psychological reasons.

What is morning fatigue?
Morning fatigue is the beginning of the day after waking up, feeling tired and depressed. Although this may be a vague term. The night shift workers will undoubtedly feel tired in the morning. Although I slept for 7 to 8 hours, it is more accurate to say fatigue. After a good night’s sleep, what lasts until the first half of the day is not a direct lack of energy, but fatigue.

If you fall asleep before 10 in the evening and wake up at 6 in the morning, then you should be at the peak of energy between 8 and 9 in the morning, and some people do not reach it until 10 in the morning. However, a person will eventually feel energetic in the first half of the day. Naturally, in the afternoon, you will feel low energy. Due to morning fatigue, a person will feel tired in the first half of the day.

Reasons for lack of energy in the morning
There are many symptoms of lack of energy in the morning, among which fatigue is a typical symptom. This can also happen with certain drugs. There are many reasons for not sleeping well, which naturally leads to morning fatigue. However, other reasons must be considered.

When morning fatigue is the only symptom, eventually other symptoms will become more obvious, more clearly indicating the possible underlying cause. However, the common cause of morning fatigue is often overlooked because it can last for several months and no other major symptoms other than fatigue appear. These common reasons include:

Difficulty breathing at night
Excessive use of alcohol and stimulants before bed
Hunger at night
Other symptoms such as headaches and dizziness in the morning are not uncommon

Breathing problems during sleep are usually related to certain underlying conditions. It may be different because of heart failure. One of the commonly overlooked problems is sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a place where a person stops breathing for a short time to wake them up and resume a certain normal breathing pattern. The waking time is very short and may not be remembered, but it will affect the quality of sleep.

We know that the plan for a day lies in the morning. In the morning, you can exercise, study, work, meditate, etc. better than other times of the day. However, most of us feel bad in the morning.

How do we “wake up” in the morning?
Ways to wake up in the morning

You can do something in the short and long term to wake up full of energy in the morning. I divided them into three parts: the night before and the night the next morning.

the night before

1. Avoid coffee, red wine and chocolate the night before
You need good sleep, and what disrupts good sleep is to make the stomach upset. You really need to keep your stomach and intestines clean at night.

It is scientifically proven that coffee, red wine and chocolate can interfere with your sleep more than other foods. They can make your stomach upset, make you sleep very shallow, and can’t “charge” you at all.

2. Meditate and calm down before going to bed
Every night, before going to bed, I need about 30 minutes to an hour of meditation time. It makes you forget your worries. You can do whatever you want, or you can summarize yourself, slowly you will calm down and fall asleep quickly. Prepare yourself for a good deep sleep, and you can also learn to meditate.

3. Don’t eat dinner before bed
Many people ran home after get off work and went to bed after dinner. This is a bad idea. The digestion process takes a while, and you don’t want to go to bed immediately after eating a full meal. Try to spend a few hours between bedtime and dinner to see how it feels the next day.

4. Organize the room in a natural style
There is some western logic behind the natural decoration. For those who do not understand nature, this is an ancient art, which is learned by placing furniture. The bedroom is particularly important. I found that since I arranged the room according to the principles of nature, I have had more rest and sleep. The placement of the bed is especially important. You should sleep where you can see the door, but don’t sleep in the direct path where the door opens. This helps us fall asleep with a sense of security.

That night

5. Don’t be too hot, don’t be too cold
Your sleep is largely affected by the heat or cold at night. It is important to maintain a good balance, as this will keep your energy calm. Try to find a balance between clothes and bedspreads. For example, I like to wear no clothes, which makes the temperature I feel very comfortable.

6. Keep your sleep stable
It is not enough to have eight hours of sleep. More importantly, go to bed at the same time every day. Not everyone needs eight hours. 6 to 7 hours is correct for me. Set your bedtime at the same time every night.

7. Eliminate noise
Try to keep the room quiet by wearing earplugs. You can eliminate certain sounds.

Next morning

8. Drink a glass of water
Drinking a glass of cold water on an empty stomach actually has many health benefits and can wake you up. Water will activate your metabolism, so you will wake up faster and feel more alert.

9. Exercise
When you are bored in the morning, you can breathe in fresh air, which can wake you up quickly. When you exercise in the morning, you actually have more energy. The more you exercise, the healthier your body, and the more energy you will have.