Converse Introduces the Chuck Taylor All Star CX with FlyEase Accessibility Technology

Converse is increasingly taking advantage of its tutelage under the Nike umbrella to bring innovation to sneakerheads, and this time the novelty comes with FlyEase technology, which for the first time will be used in the brand’s shoes. The Chuck Taylor All Star CX FlyEase joins other models, such as the Air Jordan 1 and Air Max 90, which have also received FlyEase accessibility technology – making it simpler than ever for sneaker lovers to put on and take off their shoe.

The Chuck Taylor All Star CX FlyEase provides a hands-free experience, allowing hands-free donning and doffing. The FlyEase structure that covers the shoe’s base is made of thermoplastic elastomer composite material, which has the ideal flexibility and movement for hands-free placement and adjustment of the shoe. The optimization of the fit is accentuated by the ankle around the ankle reinforced, on the inside, by elastic fabric, and a fixed padded tongue. These elements, combined, ensure the comfortable and secure fit of the model. A layer over the heel of the model is the final touch that completes the quick take-off functionality of this Chuck edition.

While the Chuck Taylor All Star CX FlyEase Ox makes the shoe more fluid, an innovative sockliner made of CX foam, a material developed by Converse and which is the basis of its eponymous comfort technology, and a polyurethane layer also ensures comfort throughout the day. the day.

Counting on a mix of canvas in canvas and also in stretch canvas with the cutout where the laces and the toecap are, in addition to the mix of details in translucent and opaque rubber, the Chuck Taylor All Star CX FlyEase brings a bold approach to the reconstruction of the classic Chuck Taylor silhouette – definitely looking as good as it feels underfoot.