Coronavirus: The Restrictive Extended Throughout Italy

Prime Minister Conte: “There is no more time: the restrictive measures are extended to all of Italy”

“There will no longer be a red area. The restrictive measures are extended to all of Italy “. This is the latest measure announced by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte to deal with the coronavirus emergency in Italy. “There is no more time,” explains during the press conference at Palazzo Chigi. “It is difficult to change our habits, but there is no time. There has been an important growth in the contagions, we must all give up something for the good of Italy “.

And this is how the Prime Minister announced “even more stringent measures to be able to contain coronavirus advancement and protect the health of all citizens”, which will come into force tomorrow, Tuesday 10 March: “There will be an Italy protected area. Travel will have to be avoided if not for work reasons, cases of necessity and health reasons “.

Added to this is the ban on gatherings in premises open to the public because, as Conte explains, “we can no longer afford any kind of gathering that can become an occasion for contagion”. Schools and universities will remain closed until April 3. All sport will also stop, including football.

On an economic level, the Prime Minister announces that he has “agreed on a request for a difference of 7.5 billion in Europe, but we are thinking about the possibility of pre-establishing a slightly higher request”. Finally, the Prime Minister underlines: «It is the moment of responsibility, of all of you with me. The right decision today is to stay at home, everyone must do their part ».

The government is ready to extend the restrictions applied to Lombardy and the 14 provinces to the whole national territory for the coronavirus emergency. There is therefore talk of an “orange zone” for all of Italy. This was discussed in the evening at Palazzo Chigi in the meeting of Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte with the heads of delegation of the majority forces to take stock of the coronavirus emergency. Tomorrow – Tuesday – at 12 noon, Prime Minister Conte will meet with opposition leaders, from whom he will – most likely – receive the support he needs from more stringent measures for everyone.

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