David Beckham Reveals The Food Victoria Eats Every Day

David Beckham reveals the food Victoria eats every dayDavid Beckham revealed that his wife Victoria has been following the same diet for years. La Posh Spice has eaten the same thing every day for 25 years, grilled fish and steamed vegetables.

“She only eats grilled fish, steamed vegetables, she rarely gets out of that” – he explained with a laugh. “The only time she probably shared something that was on my plate was when she was pregnant with Harper, and it was the most amazing thing… It was one of my favorite nights. I can’t remember what it was, but I know she hasn’t eaten it since!”

According to Wired, Victoria Beckham recounted in her book “Learning To Fly” that fellow Spice Girls member Geri Halliwell encouraged her and Mel C to get up early and work out, but then they moved on to lunch. Apparently, Geri told them that if they wanted to lose weight they needed to choose low-fat foods, avoid sauces, and cut down on food intake in general. Posh said he then became obsessed with her appearance. She said that she started eating only vegetables and nothing else, she filled bowls with spinach, carrots, peas and steamed them. She or she just ate peas – a whole bag – in one sitting.

La Posh wrote that when the Spice Girls did their tour in Japan, she couldn’t find vegetables she liked (WTF? Where was she looking? LOL!) so she stopped eating and was thrilled when she saw how much weight she had lost. She said that she forced herself to eat a more balanced diet when she got pregnant with Brooklyn. She blamed her drastic weight loss after pregnancy in 2000 on food allergies and blood sugar problems.

So, this is Victoria Beckham’s diet, grilled fish and steamed vegetables every day of her life. On other occasions, Victoria has commented on what she does to be so skinny, at least she is not lying, saying that she “eats everything and looks like a toothpick.” Did you see her birthday cake? It was watermelon… WATERMELON. Give me my cake as the law says… ok? But you see, that’s why she’s so thin… she doesn’t eat flour, pasta, rice, nothing, just fish and vegetables. Aiiiins with how delicious sauces and dressings are in salads… bread with butter, french fries, pasta, pizza…