Defender Affected by the New Coronavirus

Defender production was impacted by plant closures during the most severe pandemic period in Europe.

Land Rover is struggling to meet global demand for the new Defender. The production of the model was affected by the closing of factories during the crisis of the new coronavirus. The unit where the model is produced in Slovakia was closed for no less than eight weeks.

One of the most affected markets will be the American. The brand expects that by July, each brand resale there will receive at least one unit. That means only 188 cars on American soil next month. Only now is the model factory managing to reach production levels before the pandemic.

Here, the model is still expected in 2020, but without a confirmed date. The model appears for configuration on the Brazilian Land Rover website. The only version available for now is the P300, with a 2.0 hp turbocharged 300 hp.

Among the available items, there are leather seats with electric adjustment, 10-inch screen, camera and 360 ° parking sensors. There is also a fatigue and rear traffic monitor, cruise control and speed limiter.

It is also possible to view the aesthetic accessory packages for the new model: Urban, Explorer, Adventure and Country. They are optional and serve the buyer’s preferred land.

In addition to the 2.0, the Defender can also be equipped with a 3.0 six-cylinder turbo and 400 hp. There are still diesel options in Europe. The brand also works on a more powerful version, with the 5.0-liter petrol V8.