Dell Technologies’ Remote Work Initiatives

Dell Technologies began its teleworking efforts over a decade ago.

We have various improvements such as personnel system, in-house process, and work environment.
As of the end of 2010, 65% of employees performed remote work (1-5 days a week outside the office),
In March 2020, approximately 90% of global employees will be working from home.

Flexible work styles not only allow you to make better use of your office space, but also allow you to work in the most productive locations and times, reduce operating costs, and reduce the impact on the environment.

Consideration for the environment
Since 2013, Dell has saved approximately 25 million kilowatts of energy through flexible work styles.

In 2015, we reduced carbon dioxide emissions during travel by approximately 6.1 million tonnes for customers and team members in the United States.

We have reduced the distance traveled between members in the United States by 1.36 million miles annually.

Company benefits
Dell’s idea of ​​flexible working styles has been covered in many media outlets.

We are ranked in the top 10 of “Top 100 Companies for Remote Jobs” announced by Forbes.

Since fiscal year 2014, we have saved approximately $ 4 billion through our efforts to create a flexible work environment.