Swiss Agrees with the Union on Austerity Measures Until 2023

The Swiss Lufthansa subsidiary Swiss has landed in the red due to the corona pandemic. The airline is now making savings on cabin crew in the period from 2021 to 2023. The airline announced on Friday evening that a corresponding savings package has been negotiated with the cabin crew’s union. (Kapers)

The temporary measures would be submitted to the members of the union for a vote as soon as possible, the statement said. The collective employment contract between Kapers and the airline, which is valid today, will be continued until at least 2025 after the end of the measures in 2023.

The savings package includes concrete measures to reduce costs and downsizing. Employees should be encouraged to take early retirement or part-time work. Overall, this will result in a cost reduction of around ten percent. The natural fluctuation will also lead to savings of a further 10 percent.

According to the communication, the first measures will be implemented from March 2021. With the publication of the nine-month figures on Thursday, the airline had already announced job cuts and put this at around 1,000 jobs in the next two years.