Diabetes Among Young People 7 Ways to Prevent It

According to a report published by the Indian website “Bold Sky” diabetes is becoming more widespread among young people, due to physical and mental changes and the wrong lifestyle at the moment, and also exposure to pressure in school or in a new job.

In this regard, the report provided some tips to maintain the level of blood sugar in its normal state, and include the following:

1. Check your blood sugar level regularly.

2. Avoid junk food, such as fried foods, butter, and concentrate on good carbohydrates such as whole grain foods, low-fat milk, fresh fruits and vegetables is essential.

3. You must make sure that you are eating properly, because healthy nutrition keeps your body healthy.

4. Do not skip breakfast, because not to eat it makes you feel tired, and must be handled in a healthy way.

5. Do some exercise regularly.

6. Spend less time watching TV and surfing the Internet for entertainment.