Drone with Nail Gun can do Repair Work on the Roof

Researchers at the University of Michigan have developed a drone that can fix loose roof tiles with a nail gun. Drones could be used more often as a tool in the future. Drones can be put to good use Normally drones are a gimmick for most people and are often bought as toys. The drones can also be usefully used, already showed an art project in Turin.

The scientist was inspired by her own problem on the roof. Then came up with the idea to solve the problem with a drone and contacted her colleagues to work on a solution. A drone was equipped with a nail gun and also equipped with a movement system, which detects the exact position of the drone from the ground. The researchers then rebuilt a roof with loose bricks and sent the drone off. This could actually fix the loose brick again by means of the nail gun.

A misuse of the drone is to be prevented by a protective mechanism, this leads to the fact that the nail gun only triggers when it detects the appropriate substrate, in other words tile. Even roofers do not have to fear for their jobs, after all, the drones must be serviced and operated and are currently certainly the more expensive alternative. In order to make the drone attractive for mass production, the battery has to be strengthened and a professional nail gun installed. In the future, more and more drones could be used as tools. For those who want to buy a drone for the entertainment factor, the top 10 drone comparison is to be recommended.