Dumbo from Disney “: A deep-Sea Eared Octopus’s Video

The body length of an octopus is about 60 centimeters.

Scientists filmed a rare octopus, the genus of which for the characteristic “ears” was nicknamed Dumbo in honor of the baby elephant from the Disney cartoon. Video published on the official channel of the expedition to YouTube.

According to N + 1, the crew of the vessel Nautilus discovered Dumbo off the coast of California. Octopuses of the genus Grimpoteutis (Grimpoteuthis) live at a depth of 100 meters to five kilometers. They usually swim at the very bottom of the ocean. Their size usually does not exceed 20-30 centimeters. Only once was an octopus of this genus 1.8 meters long.

It is said that the octopus Dumbo filmed the Hercules remote-controlled uninhabited underwater vehicle. It is about 60 centimeters long and was located at a depth of 3.2 kilometers.

The Nautilus vessel is currently operating in the area of ​​the extinct Davidson underwater volcano in the Monterey Bay Marine Reserve off the coast of California.

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