Eating Lunch at the Desk is Bad for Your Health

According to data from the medical service company BUPA, about one-third of British office workers are used to having lunch at their desks. 43% said they were too busy to leave the computer for dinner. Another survey from AcuVue, a contact lens manufacturer, shows that the average modern person spends 1,700 hours in front of a computer every year.

Andre Spicer, a professor of behavior at Cass Business School in London, said that people’s work efficiency in a day decreases from morning to afternoon, and one’s attention can only be concentrated for a limited period of time. Relax for a while to restore energy. “Lunch is a relaxing time to help restore concentration.”

A 2012 study by the University of Surrey showed that it’s easy to eat too much while working. One of the researchers, Professor of Health Psychology, Jane Ogden, said that work distracts people from eating while eating. The brain can’t remember what they’ve eaten, and the body’s perception of food also declines. It’s easy to feel hungry again in the afternoon. , And started eating again.

In addition, this is also a bad office culture. Some employees feel that even working for lunch is a manifestation of hard work. Gradually, this puts pressure on employees who leave for dinner, worrying that employers feel that they have light work and have time to eat and rest. In fact, eating while working is not efficient, and it is detrimental to the health of employees.

The British call this unhealthy culture “presenteeism”

Spicer suggested that companies and enterprises should encourage employees to leave their desks for meals and eliminate false positive expressionism. Managers of companies and enterprises should invite employees to leave for dinner, or create a dining environment in the workplace.