Eating Raw Egg Mixed with Milk can Harm your Health

Eggs and milk are considered very beneficial for health and health benefits a lot by using it. And eating raw egg mixed with milk can have many health benefits. Due to this the body gets many nutrients. Due to which your bones and muscles become strong. It also helps in controlling your body weight. But do you know that its consumption can also harm your health.

Mixture of raw egg and milk is beneficial for health. But it can also cause some damage to you. In fact, raw eggs contain bacteria called salmonella which can harm your health. Let us know what are the health benefits of drinking milk mixed with raw eggs.

1. Risk of Bacterial Infection
Some people are advised not to eat raw eggs. Actually, there is a bacteria named Salmonella present in it, which if you drink it mixed with milk, then you are at risk of getting bacterial infection. So if you take raw egg and milk for breakfast in the morning, then change it. Instead you can consume boiled eggs and milk.

2. Allergy Problems
Some people are allergic to the high protein present in eggs. Raw egg and milk are rich in protein. In such a situation, if you consume these two together, then you may have more allergic complaints. Due to this, you may have many other problems like swelling, difficulty in breathing, vomitin.

3. Hair may fall out
Protein is considered very good for hair. That’s why many experts recommend eating eggs and milk. But if you are taking milk with raw eggs, then it can adversely affect your health. In fact, raw eggs can cause a lack of biotin in your body, which can lead to excessive hair fall. At the same time, some people may also have skin problems.

4. Pregnant Women
If you are pregnant, do not consume raw eggs and milk. Actually, this puts you at risk of getting bacterial infection. Therefore, before consuming raw egg and milk during pregnancy, consult a doctor once.

5. Stomach related problems
By consuming milk and raw eggs, bacteria called salmonella can enter your body. Due to which there may be problems related to your stomach such as stomach pain, gas, acidity, cramps, etc. Therefore, if you have stomach problems or if your digestion is weak, then do not consume it.

6. Can Taste Bad
Mixing raw egg and milk can spoil your taste. Due to which you may have vomiting, nausea and less desire to eat. So eat cooked eggs. But keep in mind that do not eat eggs after frying too much. This can cause you more harm.

7. Risk of increasing cholesterol
Consumption of milk and raw eggs can increase the cholesterol level of your body. Actually, many people, while whipping an egg in milk, also mix its yolk in milk, in which the amount of cholesterol is very high. In such a situation, your body’s cholesterol level can increase, due to which heart-related problems can occur. Therefore, if you have problems related to cholesterol, then avoid consuming raw eggs and milk or consume it only on the advice of experts.