Eiza Gonzalez Revealed her Health Issues

In terms of health, not even celebrities are spared some ailments that the general population suffers to a greater or lesser extent: Annoying and uncomfortable allergies. Eiza Gonzalez joins the list of people who are unfortunately allergic to almost everything.

Through her Instagram account, in recent days, the Mexican actress shared one of the health problems that she carries with her since she was practically a baby, as well as her greatest fear in this pandemic.

With a photo showing how her body reacts to certain things, the Baby Driver star wrote “Hello, my name is Eiza and I am extremely allergic to the entire planet Earth,” and she is not exaggerating. According to her annual results, at this moment Eiza is allergic to about 30 foods, among which are lemon, mustard, tomato, and a series of fruits and vegetables that would break anyone’s heart.

“I do not usually post personal things but I have received many messages with questions. This is an allergy study, not a food sensitivity. I have suffered terrible allergies forever and allergies change, so I always have to take care of myself. I have received treatment for allergies since she was a newborn baby … “, she added.

But beyond the limitations that this entails, Eiza González confessed that she has also been prone to respiratory disease, revealing that she has had sinusitis, infections, pneumonia, bronchitis and more in the past.

“… which is my biggest problem and my biggest fear during this pandemic, obviously …”, she said.