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Derived from the future second-generation Citan utility vehicle, the Mercedes T-Class will assert itself as the most chic of MPVs, compared to the Kangoo and Berlingo.

Future Mercedes Class T (2021) – Since 2012, Mercedes has had a light commercial vehicle in its range, thanks to close collaboration with Renault. The one who responds to the sweet name of Citan Tourer is none other than a second generation clone of Kangoo which, in spring 2021, will be completely renewed. It will advance by a few months the launch of its star cousin, based on the same platform, and which will be renamed on this occasion. Wanting to be more opulent in its VP definition, for individuals, it will be called Mercedes T-Class to identify more with the classic Mercedes range. Facing the Peugeot Rifter and Citroën Berlingo, it intends to position itself as the most chic of recreational vehicles.

The more chic Kangoo
Aesthetically speaking, the German will use the same recipes as administered in the first Citan Tourer opus. While its entire hull will be similar to that of the Kangoo, the entire front end will be redesigned to be closer to Mercedes’ latest beauty cannons. Under the camouflages of the first rolling prototypes recently immortalized by scoop hunters, we can detect a facies largely inspired by the Class B minivan, with a flat bonnet with rounded contours, under which are nestled elegant almond optics . For the rest, with the exception of the frame of the rear lights, as well as small details, it is easy to identify the silhouette of the new Renault Kangoo, revealed in September 2020, and marketed next spring.

Compatible with all types of engines
Do not believe, because it is decked out with a star on its grille, that the future Mercedes T-Class will pass into the hands of the AMG wizard. As a good father, he will be content to renew the original Renault engines in the same way. While the French firm has not yet lifted the veil on the characteristics of its new Kangoo, everything suggests that the Stuttgart MPV will carry 1.3 TCe petrol and 1.5 dCi diesel units, not to mention an electric variant, called Mercedes EQT. In a second step, hybrid units of 140 hp (classic) and 160 (rechargeable) could join this range, pending the arrival, in the longer term, of an engine running on hydrogen.

Merco made in France
Cocorico since the future Mercedes T-Class will be assembled in France, in the historic Maubeuge plant, on the same production line as the Kangoo. The revelation of the German is expected to take place in September 2021, before the delivery of the very first models in early 2022, at a base price of around € 25,000, according to our estimate.

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