Theresa May Announces her Resignation

“Teresa May will announce her departure from Downing Street on Friday morning,” the BBC’s Web site quoted government administration officials as saying on condition of anonymity. Conservative Prime Minister Graham…

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Teresa May Asks for a Postponement of EU Exit

 British Prime Minister Theresa May sent a letter to European Council President Donald Tusk asking for a postponement until 30 June. May told the European official that she needed more…

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Yeni Başbakanın Mesajları Porno Yıldızına Gitti?

İngiltere’nin yeni başbakanı  Theresa May ile porno yıldızı ve model Teresa May‘in isim benzerliği bir skandala sebep oldu. ingiltere’de sosyal medya kullanıcıları başbakan olmaya hazırlanan Theresa May ile porno yıldızı…

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