Teresa May Asks for a Postponement of EU Exit

 British Prime Minister Theresa May sent a letter to European Council President Donald Tusk asking for a postponement until 30 June.

May told the European official that she needed more time to pass the agreement reached with the Union on details of exit in parliament.

Members of the House of Commons in Britain vote in favor of postponing exit from the European Union
Members of the House of Commons refuse to leave the EU without reaching an agreement.

Last week, members of the House of Commons voted in favor of a request to postpone the EU exit.

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This came after the deputies rejected for the second time the plan reached by Mai with the European Union on the details of the exit.

Opposition Labor leader Jeremy Corbin accused Mae of leading Britain to “crisis, chaos and division”.

“We are still legally bound to leave the EU within nine days,” he told a parliament session.

“Months have gone by and campaigns of blackmail and bribery have failed to convince parliament because the agreement it brought more than an abysmal national failure must be rejected.”

During a heated parliamentary session, May said MPs had “been too lenient about Europe” and that voters “deserve better.”

She said she had rejected calls to postpone the exit for longer because she wanted to spare her country from participating in European elections in May.

Piet Wesert, a representative of the Scottish National Party, accused the prime minister of surrendering to the advocates of exit.

The European Commission told European Union leaders that Britain should participate in the European Parliament elections if it remains in the EU after May 23.

In a document seen by the BBC, the commissioner said any extension the UK would take would last until May 23, 2019 or much further. “This is the only way to protect the work of EU institutions,” he said.

Any delay in Britain’s departure beyond the deadline requires the approval of all 27 EU members.

In her message to the president of the European Council, the prime minister said she wanted a vote in the House of Commons on Britain’s exit from the union this week, but House of Commons Speaker John Perco blocked it.

She stressed that she is determined to submit the agreement again before the House of Commons, and that if the Parliament approved the Convention will need more time for approval.

Mai did not address the extension of the deadline, as some had expected.

May said in parliament that the idea of ​​asking the British people to elect new EU deputies after three years of voting to quit the union was “unacceptable”.

She added that the request to postpone the exit beyond June 30 will not raise the option of going out without an agreement in the absence of agreement in parliament.

Mai will go to the European Council meeting in Brussels tomorrow to discuss options to postpone the date of departure with European leaders.

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 British Prime Minister Theresa May sent a letter to European Council President Donald Tusk asking for a postponement until 30 June.

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