Evolution Points Found Using “Apple Watch 7”

Corona is becoming more and more valuable…

Apple will release the 7th generation smartwatch, Apple Watch Series 7, on October 15th.

Apple has positioned the Apple Watch on the wrist as “the most familiar Apple product.” What can we do to be closer to the user than the iPhone, which is the core of our current strategy? What should it be?

Current status of Apple Watch
The Apple Watch is a smartwatch released in April 2015, which is the top runner in the category and boasts a 50% market share.

According to German research firm Statista, the global user base of Apple Watch has reached 102 million by 2020, and has grown tenfold in the five years since its launch. In the second quarter of 2021, 9.5 million units were shipped, surpassing the highest shipment ever in the fourth quarter of 2018. It can be seen that the sales volume increased the most in the fourth quarter of every year, but the background to the increase was the timing when people resumed their activities due to the return from the corona wreck.

The latest Q3 2021 financial results (April-June 2021) revealed that 75% of Apple Watch buyers are new users. Still, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that “Apple Watch is still in its infancy,” finding both difficulty in getting users to accept it and marketability.

So why does the Apple Watch sell after returning from the Corona wreck? The answer can be explained by what you can do with the Apple Watch.