William Shatner Captain Kirk of Star Trek goes to Space for 90 Years

William Shatner, Captain Kirk of Star Trek, goes to space for 90 years: “Es extraordinario”
Actor William Shatner traveled to space in the New Shepard cohete, developed by the company Blue Origin, magnate and manager Jeff Bezos

William Shatner, remembered for playing the Captain Kirk in the famous Star Trek saga, accomplished his success in llegar al espacio. This October 13th, the Hollywood actor joined the NS-18 mission in the New Shepard jacket developed by Blue Origin, company of magnate Jeff Bezos. In this way, the artist became the most long-lived person in the land.

After returning to our planet, the performer was very moved to have one of his great goals in life. “I’m touched by what just happened. Simply, it’s extraordinary. I hope I never recover from this. I hope I can keep what I feel now. It is much, much bigger than life, and there is nothing to do with the little things, the bell with the enormity, the sunlight, life and death. Dios mío”, he said.

“Estoy abrumado”, added the artist, notably moved by what happened during the trip he undertook thanks to multimillionaire Jeff Bezos.

Later, William Shatner quoted on Twitter a popular phrase by Isaac Newton to try to express what he felt when I was studying in space.

“In what seems to me the world, but it seems to me that I was just a child playing on the shore of the sea while the great ocean of the truth was unknown to me,” writes Captain Kirk of Star Trek.

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