Experts Recommend 12 Natural Remedies for Mosquito Bite Itching Pain

After being bitten by mosquitoes, it is extremely painful, but I don’t want to use harsh chemicals to relieve the pain and itching. What should I do? Try the following 12 expert-proven home natural remedies recommended.

Peppermint Essential Oil
Peppermint essential oil has a pleasant aroma, not only to relieve the pain and itching of mosquito bites, but also to be used as an insect repellent spray. Ms. Arwen Bardsley, founder of Evenstar Wellbeing in Australia, suggested that you can use peppermint essential oil whenever you feel bitten by mosquitoes or find bugs in your home.

She said that wherever there are small bugs, just drop a few drops of essential oil, and the bugs will disappear immediately. When you’re out and about, apply peppermint essential oil diluted with coconut oil, sweet almond oil, or sorbolene’s venerable moisturizer to bare skin.

Melanie St. Ours, herbalist, says the relaxing and pleasing aroma of lavender is soothing and calming for minor burns, wounds, and acne-inflamed skin, and within minutes of application, it can reduce itching.

Ols suggested that it is best to buy 100% brand pure essential oil extracted from French lavender grown at high altitude, apply 1 or 2 drops of essential oil directly on the surface of the skin wound, and apply 2 more drops if necessary, the effect will surprise you!

Lavender Essential Oil Soda Mix
Ors said that eating soda can reduce the tingling sensation, and lavender can calm the skin. Whether adults or children, the lavender-soda mix is ​​a caring little skin nurse. Especially after the child is bitten by wasps, etc., the lavender soda mixed mud can also relieve the fright caused by it.

Mix 2 teaspoons of edible soda and 25 drops of lavender essential oil in a clean container, apply to the skin wound, and wipe off with a clean wet face towel after 20 to 30 minutes. After application, if you find that the skin around the wound feels hot, red, swollen, or has an abnormal rash, you should seek medical attention immediately.

Echinacea tincture
For centuries, echinacea tincture has been a staple of home-cooked medicine in everyday people’s medicine cabinets. Echinacea is a daisy, and Echinacea essential oil is an extract of Echinacea purpurea, which can not only be used to treat colds, relieve sore throats and eliminate throat inflammation and infection.

If you notice redness, stiffness, and redness on the bug bite, Orth says, apply echinacea tincture to the entire skin every hour or so until the redness subsides. When applying, simply tap the skin with your fingertips to allow the essential oil to fully penetrate the skin, using at least 1/4 of a teaspoon each time you apply. After 24 hours of continuous use, if the redness and swelling have not subsided significantly, or if you have a fever, you should seek medical attention directly.

ice cubes
Ice cubes can soothe and calm burns, itching, redness, and other physical discomforts. Ols said that the ice cube can play such a role. First, the human sensory nerve can only transmit one kind of information to the brain at a time. When the ice cube touches the skin, the sensory nerve will turn the itching feeling previously transmitted to the brain into coldness. sense. Second, the cooling sensation of ice cubes reduces local swelling and inflammation. When icing, you only need to apply ice for a few minutes at a time.

Plantain leaves, which are similar in name to plantain in the banana family, are not the same thing, Orth said. Plantain thrives even on compacted ground such as playgrounds, trails, and city sidewalks, and is a common weed. The identification of plantain is also very simple. Several straight leaf stems run through the leaf surface, like a circle of rays extending from a central point.

The healing properties of psyllium are amazing, and many healing ointments contain psyllium. Ors recommends taking a few large clean plantain slices and mashing them with your fingers or chewing them with your mouth. After the leaves have softened, apply them to the skin wound.

After being bitten by mosquitoes, the itching of the skin is unbearable, and it can be relieved immediately by applying toothpaste.

Bernard Buttone, a certified entomologist and manager of Triangle Pest Control, said that when a mosquito bites, an anticoagulant is released into the skin to temporarily paralyze the mosquito so that the mosquito can continue to feed on blood. However, when the body receives an anticoagulant, it will naturally react to produce histamine and deliver histamine to the affected area. At this time, the skin will feel itchy and the bite will become red and swollen.

Batten suggests that after being bitten by a mosquito, just apply a little mint toothpaste containing menthol on the affected area, and the itchy skin will be quickly calmed down by the cooling sensation of mint. In addition, toothpaste has a natural hemostatic function, which can prevent continued redness and swelling of the affected area.

Vinegar Therapy
Vinegar can soothe the stinging or burning sensation, and has a natural antiseptic effect, especially for mosquito bites, which has a miraculous calming and antiseptic effect, Batten said. To use, soak a face towel or absorbent paper towel in vinegar and cold water and apply to the affected area for a few minutes. If you are severely bitten by mosquitoes, put 2 cups of vinegar in warm water in the bathtub and soak your body for 15 to 20 minutes.

banana peel
Ms. Amy Lawhorne, vice president of Mosquito Squad Pest Management Company, said that banana peel is an ancient Chinese remedy. The inner peel of the banana is directly wiped on the affected area. During the wiping process, the juice of the banana peel will moisturize the itchy skin and relieve itching. At the same time, the sugar in banana peel can also soothe and calm red and swollen skin.

Oatmeal Therapy
Many people only know that oatmeal is for eating, not knowing that it also has natural skin-healing, moisturizing, and antioxidant properties. Roheen said that oatmeal can soothe itchy skin and eliminate swelling and pain, especially skin itching and swelling caused by mosquito bites. When using, mix oatmeal and water into oatmeal puree, then apply directly to the affected area, let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes, and then wipe it off.

aloe vera
Many people only know that aloe vera has a miraculous calming and soothing effect on skin sunburn, but they do not know that it has a miraculous anti-itching and pain-relieving effect on skin itching and stinging caused by mosquito bites.

Maureen Roland, a registered nurse and community outreach coordinator at the Banner Poison and Drug Information Center, said a histamine response occurs when a person is bitten by a mosquito. The aloe vera gel extracted from the inside of aloe vera leaves is directly applied to the affected area, which can play a natural salicylic acid and inhibitory effect on the histamine reaction, which is not only antibacterial, but also anti-inflammatory.

cold/hot compress
When the skin is red, swollen or inflamed, apply cold compresses to the affected area immediately to reduce the redness and inflammation. Cold compresses can cause immediate constriction of the blood vessels in the affected area, creating a localized numbness that reduces pain, Rowland said.

Rowland said that the cold compress method is simple. Wet a towel with ice water, put it in a resealable plastic bag, and then put it in the refrigerator for about 15 minutes. After taking it out, place the cold pack on the affected area for 15 to 20 minutes, wait for 15 minutes after taking it off, and then repeat the cold pack according to the specific situation. Repeat the cold pack continuously within 24 hours after being bitten by mosquitoes. Likewise, hot compresses can also reduce inflammation and fluid buildup on the bite affected area.

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After being bitten by mosquitoes, it is extremely painful, but I don’t want to use harsh chemicals to relieve the pain and itching. What should I do? Try the following 12 expert-proven home natural remedies recommended.

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