EXUS 2021 PHEV, 2022 new BEV Exclusive Vehicle Introduced

Since the launch of the RX400h in 2005, LEXUS has continued to expand its electric vehicle lineup as a pioneer in electrification in the luxury market.

In order to further accelerate the spread of electric vehicles, we are planning to introduce LEXUS‘s first PHEV to mass-market models in 2021 and a completely new BEV-only vehicle in 2022.


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By 2025, we will introduce about 20 new and improved models, including more than 10 BEV, PHEV, and HEV electric vehicles, and in the same year, we will set electric vehicles for all models. We aim to exceed the sales ratio of gasoline engine vehicles.

Please see the link below for details on electric vehicles, such as the effects of reducing CO2 emissions so far and plans for future introduction models.