Facebook App is to add Back Voice and Video Call Functions

Many readers may have experienced that in 2014, Facebook split the communication function of its core app “Facebook” and provided messaging services with an independent “Messenger”, and then gradually developed voice and video calls to improve the service content. However, foreign media reports pointed out that the company has re-introduced voice and video calling functions for “Facebook” and launched a small-scale test.

According to a Bloomberg report, starting on the 23rd, a small number of users, including the United States, can directly make voice calls or video calls through the “Facebook” App. Connor Hayes, director of product management for Messenger, pointed out that this feature is only a test, the purpose is to reduce users to switch between “Facebook” and “Messenger” back and forth.

In fact, last fall, Facebook also tested the “Facebook” App to receive messages through Messenger. Messenger was originally built in “Facebook”, but the company split it up 7 years ago, forcing users to download an additional independent communication App to send private messages on their phones.

In addition, Facebook first integrated messaging between Instagram and Messenger in September last year, allowing users to contact relatives and friends through either platform, and even plans to join WhatsApp again. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg believes that integrating the company’s communication services is beneficial to users, allowing them to easily reach more people and reducing the inconvenience of downloading apps or switching between different apps.

Connor Hayes said that Facebook treats Messenger as a service, not just a stand-alone App, which means that users can use Messenger in conjunction with other services. For example, when watching videos or playing games on the “Facebook” App, you can use Messenger for video chat; the voice and video calls using Messenger technology can also be used on other platforms such as Instagram, Oculus, and Portal.

Although Facebook has its own product design considerations, critics believe that the company is weaving its services in a way that cannot be separated. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission filed a new lawsuit in Washington Federal Court last Thursday, accusing Facebook of violating antitrust laws in acquiring Instagram and WhatsApp, requiring the court to revoke the acquisition resolution that has been around for many years.