Famous and Successful Moms

Famous moms who share the best of motherhood on their social networks

Famous and successful moms. Without a doubt, this is a perfect combination that many women want to share with their followers through social networks where, between post and post, we can find out what their pregnant months are like, as well as their children once they are born.

Many fans and followers of these women like to know something more about their lives, something that goes beyond what they can see on the news and on television. For example, how they entertain themselves every day when they are not engaged in their professional work, what their partner is like, when she met her husband or what face do the children who are the fruit of that marriage have.

For this reason, some of them use these social networks, such as Facebook or Instagram, to show us their less known side (which in many cases is also the most interesting) of their lives as normal people who do that every day and every week of the year be as special as the one you could have yourself without being famous.

A mom for every moment

In addition to showing you that they are human beings like anyone else, celebrities can give you many ideas through their Instagram or Facebook accounts, where they choose to share many of their experiences about the different stages of pregnancy. One of the most active in this sense is the presenter Pilar Rubio, who is the same for a torn as for an unstitched, since the same thing makes a publication about how their breakfasts are, which presents a way to dye and cut t-shirts or a table of special exercises for when you are pregnant.

Among her post there are also photos of her three children, to which a fourth will soon join, since Rubio is very close to her last weeks of pregnancy. In any case, whatever publication you look for will be Pilar’s thing, because she is always very active on her Instagram and, together with her children and her husband, Sergio Ramos, she shares some more than endearing photos.

On the other hand, if you want to have basic notions of style, you cannot miss the official profiles of Sara Carbonero. The journalist combines images in which she shows her best clothes with a photo in which hers, her little ones, Martín and Lucas, two children who have turned out as handsome as her mother, appear.

Another of the funniest famous moms is the ex-contestant of Women and men and vice versa Tamara Gorro, who in each post shows us a new facet of her life: we have seen her dancing like JLO, doing gymnastics, dressing up, cooking and even as a singer. In addition, she usually shares more than one photo with her husband, the soccer player Ezequiel Garay, with whom she has two children, a girl and a boy, and with whom she shows enviable chemistry.

She had half the world crazy and it was news every time they broadcast a chapter of Without tits, there is no paradise. Indeed, we are talking about Maria Castro, the most famous redhead in Spain (with the permission of Cristina Castano). The actress is undoubtedly one of the funniest famous moms on Instagram or, at least, the most smiling, since in every photo she hangs she is very happy. Although sometimes we can see her with her partner, she is her with her little Maia with whom she usually shares a plane.

Social media divas

Although she does it a few times, the singer Jennifer Lopez also chooses to show us the most tender side of her along with hers, her twins, children of also singer Marc Anthony. Between a hip movement and a photo with her partner Álex Rodríguez, the New Yorker has a great time with her children, who have inherited her passion for music (especially the girl, Emme, who this year sang in the edition of the Super Bowl).

In the same vein she divine she dances Beyonce‘s Instagram. Let’s remember that it was she who shared a publication that went around the world such as the pregnancy of her twins and little brothers with her eldest daughter, Blue Ivy. The photo that she shared with her fans with the babies in her arms and a flowered dress from the firm Palomo Spain also made headlines around the world for her beauty and originality. Impossible looks, original hairstyles and, above all, a lot of love (of her own and towards her family) are some of the keys to the singer’s social networks.

Another celebrated mom that ages don’t seem to pass by is Mariah Carey. Although her Instagram seems like a constant Christmas party, she finds a space to tell us about her day to day through her photos, in which her children appear from time to time. In addition, she usually makes the announcement of her concerts and her tours around the world to make the All I Want For Christmas Is You sound on that same social network.

In any case, it is very shocking to see the change of image that she has undergone in these years, considering that when she began to be famous she was barely 20 years old. However, it can be seen in the images of her that she is now a happy woman after having gone through very bad spells and personal problems that

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