Gates and Research Funds Focused on Corona19

A new home corona19 diagnostic kit will be introduced in the United States in response to the rapidly spreading new coronavirus infection (Corona19).

According to the Seattle Times in the United States, the research team sponsored by the Bill Gates and Merlin Gates Foundation is a household diagnostic kit that allows individuals to easily check for corona19 infection. It will be released soon.

With the launch of the Corona19 diagnostic kit for home use, it is expected to be of great help to US health authorities suffering from a shortage of diagnostic kits.

“The diagnostic kit for home Corona19 diagnostic kits will be finalized and we will be able to decide whether to release it in a day or two in cooperation with local health authorities,” said Scott Dowell, who leads the Corona 19 response team at the Gates Foundation. “I hope the corona19 will be able to help strengthen the quarantine activities.”

The Gates Foundation is a charitable and research foundation founded in 1994 by Microsoft’s founder Bill Gates along with his wife Merlinda Gates, working on the support of disease and hunger and IT technology development. In particular, the Gates Foundation has recently increased donations and investments in the medical field, particularly in the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases.

In February, the Gates Foundation decided to donate $ 100 million for the prevention and relief of Corona19.

The Global Health Technology Research Fund ‘Light Fund’ expands support for research on innovative therapeutics, vaccines and diagnostics for new and endemic infectious diseases such as Corona19. In addition to the competition for the existing mid-to-large-sized projects, this year, the competition for small-sized projects will also be held twice to speed up support for new ideas. The first small project contest will be held from March 10 to April 2 through the Light Fund website.

Light Fund aims to promote global public health.In 2018, The global joint venture of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation It is a non-profit foundation for public-private  and the Global Ministry of Health and Welfare and five Korean life science companies (SK Bioscience, LG Chem, GC Green Cross, Chong Kun Dang, Genexine). In order to develop vaccines, treatments, and diagnostic technologies necessary for solving health and medical problems in developing countries, through annual public offerings, we discover R & Ds that can utilize Korea’s excellent technology and support 50 billion won by 2022. Light Fund is investing about 10 billion won in five projects selected through public offerings last year.


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A new home corona19 diagnostic kit will be introduced in the United States in response to the rapidly spreading new coronavirus infection (Corona19

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