FM: “Turkish people will not forgive German President Gauck’s statements”

iiiiTurkish foreign ministry lashed out against “unfounded accusations” directed by German President Joachim Gauck, who qualified the 1915 killings as genocide and acknowledged that Germany bore partial blame for the bloodletting.

The ministry accused Gauck of disregarding the views of the Turkish community living in Germany whom it said would “not remain silent to attempts aimed at smearing (Turkish) identity.”

“Turkish people will not forget or forgive German President Gauck’s statements,” it added.

The foreign ministry also condemned French President Francois Hollande who attended the ceremony in the Armenian capital Yerevan.

“Turkey rejects and condemns France’s unfair and biased approach,” it said.

Turkey says it shares the pain of Armenians over the events but has vehemently rejected the use of the term genocide, contending that hundreds of thousands were killed on both sides as Ottoman forces battled the Russian empire for control of Anatolia.