For Breaching the Rule Profeco Immobilizes Products Imported from Walmart and City Market

For breaching the rule, Profeco immobilizes products imported from Walmart and City Market.

Through a joint operation between the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (Profeco) and the Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks, 1,464 units of more than 30 imported products were immobilized in two supermarkets in Mexico City, as a precautionary measure by Failure to comply with the NOM-051 standard on food labeling.

In a statement, the agencies recalled that NOM-051, indicates the labeling specifications for food and non-alcoholic beverages, prepackaged and modification, published in the Official Gazette of the Federation on March 27, 2020. Products insured with irregularities in the Labeling at Walmart: Pitted green and black olives with dried tomato, Serpis let’s go brand Pitted green olives with lemon and basil, Serpis let’s go brand Buldak cheese hot chicken flavor ramen YBARRA, mayonnaise Olives stuffed with anchovies, Serpis Mogu Mogu brand, drink of different flavors with coconut cream Waffle-shaped cookie with chocolate and hazelnut filling, Great Value brand Aloe vera-based drink, Aloe vera King brand (various flavors) Carbonated drink, San Pellegrino brand (various flavors) Caña 100% Iberian acorn-fed prey, Cinco Jotas brand Petit brie cheese, ILE DE FRANCE brand Sweet peppers stuffed with cream cheese in oil, Serpis brand egg and wheat, brand Blue Dragon Chow Mein oriental sauce for stir fry, brand Blue Dragon Bittersweet oriental sauce for stir fry, brand Blue Dragon Oyster and chives, oriental sauce for stir fry, brand Blue Dragon.

Thin biscuit with sesame and linseed, brand Van Der Berg White Fudge Covered, brand Oreo Lemon Tartlettes, brand Roland 7 brownies white chocolate, brand St. Michel Got Milk? Read Cookies Classic Short Pandoro Oven Baked Cake, brand Bonifanti Whole Berry Cranberries, brand Winsconsin Veggie Chips, brand Sensible Portions Let’s Go, brand Serpis Olive Taggiasco, brand Ranise Zuppa Di Ceci, brand Casa Rinaldi Alubias Pochas, brand La Catedral de Navarra Habitas Baby , brand La Gitana Vanilla Flavored Halva Panko, brand Mitsuki Asturian black pudding smoked with oak milk in lard, brand El Gaitero Sunflower Seed Bread, brand Mestenmacher Pumpernickel, brand Mestenmacher Black pudding fried in oil, brand Polgri Almonds stuffed with nougat, brand El Almendro Sticks, Delaviuda brand The agencies explained that these products presented irregularities in their packaging, among which the most important were declaring the list of ingredients and stamps jointly, using animated images or interactive elements in products with stamps, placing stamps in irregular locations and contain added critical nutrients (sugars, fats or sodium), without s them warning.

Actions are carried out to guarantee transparency, inform consumers about the products they are purchasing and protect the health of the population. It is important to note that the national regulation requires that the nutritional warning seals be located on the front of the packages, that is, on the main display surface. Posting stamps in a lateral or posterior position can be used to mislead the properties of the articles.

Additionally, the list of ingredients, nutritional declaration and warning stamps, in accordance with the General Health Law, must be presented independently. Manufacturers of pre-packaged food and non-alcoholic beverages of Mexican and imported products have the obligation to comply with current regulations; You can find guides and manuals on the application of NOM-051. Cofepris and Profeco maintain product surveillance actions to ensure the correct implementation of this standard, which contributes to the protection of people’s health.