Fortnite: How to Get Thanos for Free

Thanos returns to Fortnite, this time as a character or skin. This is what you must do to get it for free.

fortnite Battle Royale continues to grow and add new characters. If for a few weeks we have in the daily store several skins of Batman Cero, the crossover of Batman and Fortnite, now it’s up to Marvel: Thanos arrives as a character and we will tell you how to get it completely free.

How to get Thanos for free
Thanos will arrive on Sunday 27 at the Fortnite store, so we can get hold of him by paying turkeys (which we can obtain without paying real money). However, we can get it for free as a reward if we participate in the Thanos Cup and manage to rank among the best. Be careful, you don’t have to be the best in each region, take a good look at the requirements that we have below.

Thanos Cup: how to get points, schedule and rewards
To participate in the Thanos Cup it is necessary to have two-step authentication activated.
The Thanos Cup consists of Duos matches, without matchmaking.
You can participate in a maximum of 10 games during the 3 hours that the competition lasts.
The event will take place on June 21. Check the Competition tab to see the exact time it will take place in your region.
The scoring system is as follows:
Masterful victory: 42 points.
2nd: 36 points.
3rd: 32 points.
4th: 30 points.
5th: 29 points.
6th: 28 points.
7th: 27 points.
8th: 26 points.
9th: 25 points.
10th: 24 points.
11th: 23 points.
12th: 22 points.
13.º: 21 points.
14.º: 20 points.
15.º: 19 points.
16th: 18 points.
17th: 17 points.
18.º: 16 points.
19.º: 15 points.
20th: 14 points.
21st: 13 points.
22nd: 12 points.
23rd: 11 points.
24th: 10 points.
From 25th to 29th: 9 points.
From 30th to 34th: 6 points.
From 35th to 39th: 3 points.
From 40th to 44th: 2 points.
From 45th to 50th: 1 point.
Each elimination: 1 point.
As for the prizes, to begin with, everyone who scores 8 points will get the Thanos Watch! Graffiti.
To get Thanos + backpacking accessory for free, you will have to be in the following positions, depending on the region in which you play:
Europe: 1st to 3375th – Thanos + backpacking accessory.
East Coast of USA: 1st to 1575th – Thanos + backpacking accessory.
US West Coast: 1st to 600th – Thanos + Backpacking Accessory.
Brazil: From 1st to 1050th – Thanos + backpacking accessory.
Asia: 1st to 375th – Thanos + backpacking accessory.
Oceania: 1st to 225th – Thanos + backpacking accessory.
Middle East: 1st to 300th – Thanos + backpacking accessory.
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