Galaxy Note 10 is Codenamed “Da Vinci”

The Galaxy Note 9 has just been released, but Samsung has reportedly prepared a successful Galaxy Note 10. Information about the device has also appeared in the virtual domain.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is codenamed Da Vinci after the great Leonardo Da Vinci, which suggests many things and is explained in the video. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 leaks and rumors suggest the device will have all of the features of the Galaxy S10 and also 5G.

Samsung is also developing the S Pen function.

In addition, the Galaxy Note 10 is also called having a slightly different design from the previous series. According to reports, there is an overhaul on the front panel, and there will be no physical home button and carry the Infinity Display design.

If referring to the time of the previous series launch, the Galaxy Note 9 will be announced in the second semester of 2018.

The Galaxy Note 9, for example, was announced in August 2018 and is now available in various markets.

Samsung will reveal more information about its folding smartphone this year. This was conveyed by the CEO of Samsung’s mobile division, DJ Koh, to CNBC.

Koh said, it’s time to present a device that can be folded because based on the results of a number of consumer surveys, there is indeed a market for such handsets.

Nevertheless, Samsung strives to ensure that consumers can truly get a different experience compared to using a tablet. Koh doesn’t want consumers to get the same experience as tablets, if they use folding smartphones.

“Therefore, every device, every feature and every innovation must have a meaningful message for our consumers. Thus, when used, they will think ‘wow’, that’s the reason Samsung made it,” explained Koh.