Genesis Officially Announces its New Luxury Car

Genesis announced that the revised and completely new model of the G70 will arrive in the Russian, European, Asian and some other markets early next year.

The new G70 will be on the market in 14 different colors, including the new Sedona Brown and Tasman Blue, Verbier White, and there will be Bond Silver and Melbourne Gray models.

The new car is distinguished by a completely different design from the designs of the G70 cars, as it has a triangular front grille, chrome-plated, and unique design headlamps. Each lamp consists of two parts separated by the fiber that extends from the body of the front end.

The cabin of this vehicle is equipped with two rows of comfortable leather seats for 5 passengers, electrical systems for cooling and heating the seats and controlling their positions, in addition to an advanced command interface equipped with a 10.25-inch touch screen that can communicate wirelessly with devices and smart phones.

According to the available information, the car will be offered with several types of engines, two-liter petrol engines and 252-horsepower torque, 2.2-liter diesel engines and 202-horsepower torque, and 3.3-liter petrol engines with 270-horsepower torque.

It will also be equipped with advanced safety systems, including automatic braking systems and a cruise control system to prevent accidents on the roads, and systems to monitor the physical condition and driver activity.

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