Glasses A Essential Accessory for Any Look

With the rise of the ‘keyboard up’ look in 2020, accessories to make the plane more friendly and trendy in front of the screen gained strength, with functionality being the glamor creed that will continue its crusade in 2021 through the allied tools of productivity and protection.

In addition to frames and lenses with timeless designs such as rectangular frames, aviators and polygonal frames – which have been the wild card because they fit all face shapes – accessories for glasses have been the revolution. Especially the chains to carry them on the chest when they are not essential.

Teleworking and virtual education are straining the eyes. Children, youth and adults have been forced to use their electronic equipment for more than nine hours during the day, causing eye irritation, blurred vision, eye strain, irritated eyes, dry eyes, sleep problems, headaches, neck and fatigue.

Maruica’s designs are inspired by the natural wealth found in each of the country’s regions, and by a deep social sense based on the need to preserve Colombian biodiversity, one of the most important in the world.

Among those foundations are: Tras la Perla, which is the Carlos Vives foundation, accompanying the Desertica collection; WWF, one of the largest NGO in the world, together with the Volcanic collection; Fundacion Malpelo, founded by Sandra Bessudo, accompanies the Pacifica collection, and Saving the Amazon, important in the Amazon, represented by the Amazon collection.

For each pair of glasses sold from a collection, a real and tangible action will be carried out in the ecosystems to which the collection belongs.

Protection, the new ‘must’
Whether it is the environment or the personal, protection is projected as the mandate in the medium and long term. “The climate crisis is increasing more and more; our need for defense and the pandemic accelerated this movement, ”explains Mariana Santiloni, a future expert at the global authority for trend analysis and forecasting WGSN.

“Times of uncertainty make consumers look for clothing and accessories that help them feel protected,” adds Santiloni, highlighting that pilots ‘and aviators’ protective glasses with angular frames will prevail. The sports mask ones are also set as the promise for the beginning of 2021.

With the combination of ergonomics and defense in their sights, international brands have given prominence to contact lenses that protect the entire eye. For its part, the local industry has worked to improve its designs, focusing on the care promoted by the pandemic, both at the ophthalmic and optical level.