Congress Confirms Biden’s Election Victory

On Thursday, the US Congress approved Joe Biden’s victory by more than 270 votes in the electoral results, which is the required limit for a candidate to win the US presidential race.

The electoral results validation process ended, with Biden leading 306 votes over Trump, who received 232 votes.

As for the states in which lawmakers lodged an objection against Trump’s might, they were as follows:

Pennsylvania: The House of Representatives rejected an objection by a Republican lawmaker and senator to the result of the electoral college votes by 7-92, pending a vote by the Senate.

Arizona: Congress rejected an objection by a senator and a representative from the Republican Party with a score of 93-6, while the Senate rejected this objection with a score of 303-121.

Inauguration on January 20th
Confirmation by Congress clears the way for Biden’s inauguration on January 20th. The formal post-election procedure in the USA stipulates that the results from the individual states are certified in Congress. Only then is it official who has won the election. It is the end of a long formal act before a new president is sworn in.

Usually this is a quick formal procedure. This year, however, incumbent Trump steadfastly refuses to admit defeat. The Republican had lost the election in early November by a clear margin. The state electorate confirmed Biden’s clear victory: The Democrat received 306 of the 538 votes – 36 more than required. 232 electorates voted for Trump.

Trump claims, however, that he was robbed of victory by massive election fraud. Neither he nor his lawyers provided any convincing evidence. Dozens of lawsuits from the Trump camp have so far been thrown out of courts, including the US Supreme Court.

Two appeals rejected
Trump had presented this day of the congressional session – without any basis – for weeks as the last opportunity to overturn the election result. Driven by his allegations of fraud, Republicans appealed the election results from the states of Arizona and Pennsylvania, forcing the House of Representatives and the Senate to withdraw to separate sessions. However, the action had no prospect of success from the start. The Congress Chambers rejected both appeals.

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