Global Investments in ‘Fintech’ 2018

A study by the firm KPMG revealed that one of the subsectors that attracts the most investors is blockchain, which continues to evolve worldwide.

KPMG’s ‘Pulse of Fintech’ report revealed that global investment in this model advanced at a record pace in the first half of 2018, reaching a figure of US $ 60,000 million invested in 875 transactions, which means a considerable increase in to US $ 38,100 million in 2017.

Among the successful operations of the first half of the year is the closing of two massive agreements: the unprecedented increase of US $ 14,000 million by Ant Financial and the acquisition of WorldPay by Vantiv, a business that amounts to almost US $ 13,000 million.

The volume of business was solid, going from 834 transactions in the last semester of 2017 to 875 in the first of this year. In addition, the global size of financing for late start-ups shot up to US $ 25 million so far this year, above the average seen in 2017.

In this regard, Ian Pollari, Global Co-Leader of KPMG Fintech, commented that “the great offers in all stages boosted the investment in Fintech in the first half of the year. We see a combination of subsectors that arouse more and more interest, including data, artificial intelligence and regtech; these horizontal capabilities have appeal in the financial services sector. ”

• The four largest fintech operations in Europe represented an investment of US $ 22,400 million.

• In the first semester of 2018, investment in companies in the sector in Asia reached US $ 16,000 million through 162 transactions, which means an increase of 119 transactions compared to the immediately previous semester.

• The volume of fintech in venture capital has remained relatively constant since the beginning of 2015, increasing slightly to 653 transactions so far this year.

• The average size of late-stage venture capital operations in the Fintech sector increased dramatically from US $ 14 million in 2017 to US $ 25 million in 6 months of 2018.