Global Supermarkets Target Colombia

The behavior of Colombian consumers has presented important changes that make ‘retail’ have to be rethought to satisfy their post-pandemic needs.

Among other variations in the way in which households in the country acquire basic necessities are the handling of cash, a greater use of plastic money, the least possible contact with other people in supermarket spaces, and easy access to all kinds of items. products.

Hence, technology, especially the Internet and applications, has become an ideal channel for market purchases by guaranteeing speed in deliveries, security in transactions and social distancing.
To this must be added the little encouraging outlook faced by traditional supermarkets.

DANE’s monthly retail trade survey highlights that, in 2020, sales in the retail sector suffered a decrease of 7.8 percent. The study indicates that, of the 19 categories investigated, only six presented positive numbers, including cleaning products for the home.

The report indicates that retail sales in department stores and hypermarkets had an increase of the order of 2.7 percent, in real terms, a modest variation for specialists.

Although worrisome for many brands, this scenario is ideal for the arrival and consolidation of alternatives such as Jokr, present in Colombia since last April 26 and which arrived with the aim of becoming the largest supermarket on a global scale, turning to producers and offering its users the best shopping and consumption experience.

Added to that is immediacy, with the promise of product delivery in less than 15 minutes.

“Colombians can download the Jokr application from Google Play and the App Store, choose from the variety of local heroes and products from categories such as fruits and vegetables, snacks, dairy, breakfasts, alcoholic beverages, pharmacy, personal care, for the baby, soft drinks and pets, and enjoy them, ”says Natalia Salcedo, Jokr spokesperson.

Payments can be made by credit, debit card and even Mercado Pago.
The company reports that, so far, about 30,000 downloads of the application and 10,000 unique users have been registered.

Global, but local

Jokr originated in Germany with the idea of ​​operating globally. Today, it is present in Mexico, Peru, Chile, the United States, Austria, Poland and Colombia, plus three regions that will join in the medium term. In our country, it is currently active only in Bogotá, but has expansion plans to Medellin, Bucaramanga and Barranquilla, among other cities.

With regard to financial support issues, the platform for Android and iOS has a group of important global investors, including HV Capital and Tiger Global Management, as well as recognized funds in the region, such as Monashees, Kaszek and SoftBank.

On the other hand, and talking about its actions, Jokr supplies local products to make the consumer experience much easier. Plus, it offers fair prices, comparable to any supermarket, plus a small shipping fee.
Natalia Salcedo affirms: “I like to say that we are a global brand with a focus on the local market, which supports entrepreneurs and national companies. Along with that, we ensure that the inventory of our suppliers’ products is always available in their stores so that people can acquire, without any problem, what they need on a day-to-day basis ”.

And she adds: “We are not competing in the home market, but in the‘ retail ’market, a world that we are determined to change.”

Use with environmental care
Part of the goal is met with the speed in the delivery of the products, carried out by distributors, hired directly by Jokr once they pass a trial period, to whom the company provides electric bicycles for the development of their work.

“With this, we want to show that we are a responsible brand with the environment and committed to its care,” says Natalia Salcedo.

Jokr has, so far, 72 delivery men, who are not only offered a job, but the beginning of a career.