Google Announced its Own Smartphone “Pixel 3”

Google’s biggest IT company, Google, will release its own smartphone next month from Japan. AI = Camera function using artificial intelligence and so on to compete with Apple that has the largest share in the Japanese market.


The size is two, 5.5 inches and 6.3 inches.

AI = The camera function using artificial intelligence is characterized, for example, even if you close your eyes when you take a picture, AI analyzes the previous and next images, opens your eyes and picks the face that faces the front is.

Also, by simply holding the camera, you can read the mail address etc and communicate as it is, there is a function to identify something that you copied and to search for similar things.

The price starts from 95,000 yen and will be released from Japan on the 1st of next month in Japan.

This is the first time Google sells its smartphone in Japan.

At the recital time, we showed a posture against Apple that accounts for about half of the Japanese smartphone’s share, such as comparing the night view taken with pixels with the latest night iPhone shot.

Nanda Ramachandran, Senior Director of Google’s pixel, said, “I know that Apple products are preferred in Japan, but if you know that this smartphone is a device that you can experience Google’s latest service , There is a winner in Japan as well. “