Growth of 46% Iran’s Stock Exchange

In the week ending 20 January, 403,663 tons of goods worth more than 16 trillion rials were traded on the Iranian stock exchange, which grew by 46% and 26% respectively in the previous week. Value of trades.

During the last week, in the Industrial and Mining Forum, 194 thousand 319 tons of various commodities worth 7,664 billion rials were traded, according to the capital’s (Stan) capital market news agency. In this hall 188,410 tons of steel, 2,280 tons of copper, 3,500 tons of aluminum, one kilogram of gold bullion, 9 tons of precious metal concentrate and 120 tons of molybdenum concentrate were purchased from customers.

Also, in the week of trading in the domestic and export divisions of the oil and petrochemical complex, 206 thousand and 608 tons of various goods worth more than 8 trillion rials were sold. In this hall, 77,725 tons of vacuum batons, 52,000 and 497 tons of bitumen, 47,960 tons of polymer materials, 22,108 tons of chemicals, 6,377 tons of sulfur, 140 tons of argon and 250 tons of moisture insulation were traded. .

During the aforementioned week, the Iranian Agricultural Commodity Exchange also saw a 2,394-ton grain corn transaction in the form of a commodity deposit.

Also, 442 tons of goods worth 48 million rials were sold in the secondary market of Iran’s stock exchange.

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