He Jian Kui Edited An Anti-AIDS Baby

People’s Daily this morning released that “the world’s first genetically edited baby with AIDS is born in China”. Many people think that this is fake news, and Xiaobian also believes that this is impossible.

 Xiaobian is most afraid He Jiankui, who goes by “JK,” studied at Rice and Stanford universities in the U.S. before returning to his homeland to open a lab at Southern University of Science and Technology of China in Shenzhen, where he also has two genetics companiesof what is “Chinese core” and the like.

The researcher, He Jiankui of Shenzhen, said he altered embryos for seven couples during fertility treatments, with one pregnancy resulting thus far. He said his goal was not to cure or prevent an inherited disease, but to try to bestow a trait that few people naturally have an ability to resist possible future infection with HIV, the AIDS virus.

On the one hand, this news is entirely announced by individuals themselves, without any third-party verification, nor international papers. On the other hand, the implementation of such actions in humans does not conform to the current basic ethics. In addition, the main job of the person who claimed to have done this is now a genetic sequencer, which claims to have invented the world’s most advanced gene sequencer, and has a gene sequencing company. Just financed successfully. The shares of a company that participated in the stock market went up in the afternoon.

According to his progress, it is estimated that not only the so-called genetic testing leader Huada Gene is eclipsed, scientists and genetic companies all over the world will fall under his skirt.

Xiaobian is not a genetic expert. It is only from the basic logic that this so-called major progress cannot be unbelievable and cannot be fully believed. Xiaobian personally feels that it is just another powerful copy, businessman, for himself, doing everything. And everyone prefers to go through the media to see which is objective, which is true, and which is false.

Hülya Karahan: The Founder