Heather Nauert will be the Representative of UN

State Department spokeswoman and spokesperson since April 2017, Heather Nauert will be the next United States representative to the United Nations.  Former United States representative to the United Nations Nikki Halay resigned in early October.

She made her television debut on Fox News, the US president’s favorite channel. Donald Trump has just named Heather Nauert, currently spokesperson for the US State Department at the United States Representation at the United Nations.

As early as November, the US president had “seriously considered” his appointment. “She is excellent, she has been with us for a long time, she has been supporting us for a long time,” he had justified then before the press. She replaces Nikki Halay, who announced her surprise resignation from the post in October, while announcing campaigning for Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election.

Nikki Halay informed Donald Trump of his resignation in the spring. The one who supported a hard line, mainly against North Korea and Iran, during his tenure, was supported by the American president who had hailed his “incredible work”. She had secured the front of the US representation at the UN while Donald Trump was newly elected.

Aged 48, Heather Nauert has a degree in journalism from Columbia University. She worked for ABC, then at Fox News, before becoming spokeswoman for US diplomacy in April 2017.

According to the State Department, she attended Mount Vernon Seminary and College and the Columbia University School of Journalism in New York. She worked as a health insurance consultant, then became a journalist with a first job as a reporter for the ABC network, and then became a presenter for Fox News on Fox News.

Deprived of any political and foreign experience until his arrival at the State Department, this appointment appears as a desire to diminish the importance of the United States’ role at the United Nations.

Loyalty before the experience
With little experience in this prestigious position, Heather Nauert will have to submit to a Senate hearing to confirm her appointment. The Democrats could then oppose her lack of skills. But for the American president, experience counts less than loyalty. State Department spokesman alongside Mike Pompeo since March, she is also close to Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner’s son-in-law, and presidential advisers.

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