Highest Rate of Software Industry

The weakness on the first day of the New Year’s stock market, statistics on shipbuilding and bio have been said to have been strong in January. In particular, the bio sector is analyzed as being a promising business type as it has momentum such as JP Morgan Healthcare Conference.

SK Securities said it had the highest rate of software industry (7.5%) from 2001 to 2018, followed by securities (5.5%), shipbuilding (5.2%), semiconductors (5.0% %) Also showed high returns. In the software industry, however, the yield of the dot-com bubble was 121% in January 2001. Therefore, except for such extreme values, only the shipbuilding, semiconductor, securities.

According to SK Securities researcher Heinhwan Park, “It is difficult to select the January effect (a phenomenon that is stronger in January) only on the statistical basis, considering that there is no industry with a rise rate of more than 70% in January, Other factors such as increased orders and new drug momentum are needed in addition to January effects. ” The shipbuilding, securities and healthcare sectors are unlikely to rise as much as 55% in January.

The researcher chose the shipbuilding and bio industries as the industries that can be effective in January due to the good conditions of the new year. “The bio sector is expected to benefit from low interest rates from early January to mid-June, as well as expectations for the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference,” Ha explained.

The shipbuilding industry is also seeing increased expectations for market conditions, including increased orders.

Yang Hyung Moi, Best Investment & Securities Researcher, said that the shipbuilding industry will be able to improve both its profit and return on equity (ROE) in the future due to a decrease in capital and fixed costs due to the “big bass” “He said.

On the other hand, it is pointed out that semiconductors and securities are not likely to be effective in January among industries with high January yields. The semiconductor industry is highly likely to see a slowdown in the industry through 1Q ~ 2Q. The stock market is expected to improve as the domestic stock market tends to improve, and the KOSPI has fallen to the 2000 level, indicating that it is not easy to raise share prices.