How to Hide the Photos You Receive on WhatsApp

It happens, and should not, that WhatsApp is used as a communication channel for members of a company. It should not because, as a general rule, it is usually a private and personal environment and as such should be treated in this way. But since sometimes we pull the first thing that we have at hand. And the application is the most widely used in the world for digital communications. Conversations are crossed and there is a risk of receiving, by the funny person on duty of your group of friends, a photo or video out of place. What would happen if a coworker passed by at that moment? You may be embarrassed.

WhatsApp has a function to avoid it. To do this, you have to deactivate some functions that are activated by default and that are often overlooked. This is to avoid downloading files in the “app”, thus preventing inappropriate content from appearing at any given time. Activating it is very simple if you follow a few steps.

You just have to enter the “Settings” section that is available on the right side in the navigation menu. It is shaped like a cogwheel, which is the icon that has become popular in interfaces throughout the history of computing. Well, once inside you have to go to “Data and storage”, where users will find some options on the use of mobile phone data.

The idea is to enter each of the categories (Photos, Audio, Video and Documents) that refer to automatic downloads of different files and activate the “Never” option. In theory it is a function to save mobile data, but once this task is completed, all the material received (except messages) must be given “permission” to download. That is, for example, an unfocused capture will appear as a preview of a video that they have sent you. This does not mean that you cannot see it: by pressing it you can access its content. It is a measure, however, that does not apply to the WhatsApp Web desktop browser version.

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How to Hide the Pphotos You Receive on WhatsApp from Prying Eyes

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