The Apple Glass Deliver New Secrets

The Apple Glass. For years, we have been talking about the release of Apple augmented reality glasses ,according to insider Jon Prosser, the project is not abandoned, and he even delivers very interesting details. First, there is the price, and the pair would cost $ 499.

The glasses will not be equipped with a photo / video sensor, like Google Glass, and that it will be necessary to have an iPhone for the augmented reality functions to be accessible. The connection between the two devices will be via Bluetooth, and Apple Glass should therefore work on the same principle as Apple Watch. The charging of glasses would be done wirelessly.

Jon Prosser estimates that the end of 2020 will be concentrated on the iPhone 12, and that it will probably be necessary to wait until the end of 2021, or even the beginning of 2022 for the Apple Glass to be available.

Apple is set to launch its own augmented reality glasses in 2020, according to new information released by Bloomberg. This information confirms that of Ming-Chi Kuo, a renowned analyst, who had announced it for the second quarter of 2020.

Apple is considering creating an App Store specific to its new glasses, like those that already exist for iPhone, Mac, Apple Watch or Apple TV. The firm is currently recruiting graphic designers and game developers to make it a benchmark in a new category of products, and perhaps one day the successor to the iPhone. However, these glasses may face some competition, with similar products being developed by Facebook and Amazon.

The site has also released new information about the next iPhone, which will be 5G compatible. It will also carry a more powerful processor, and a 3D camera in the back. The latter confirms Apple’s interest in augmented reality, since it will notably allow better placement of virtual objects over the real world in augmented reality applications.

While Microsoft created the event at Mobile World Congress 2019 with its Hololens 2, Apple filed a patent Thursday on the combined use of a virtual reality headset and an iPhone. Unlike the Samsung Gear VR which places the smartphone inside the helmet itself, Apple’s plan would be to use the iPhone as a command while taking advantage of the touch interface.

In the sketches, the user holds his smartphone in his hand; this would be the means chosen to interact with the virtual environment projected inside the helmet. The goal would not be to present on the screen images from the iPhone, as suggested by a patent filed in 2015 where the iPhone was housed in the helmet.


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The Apple Glass. For years, we have been talking about the release of Apple augmented reality glasses

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