How will the COVID-19 New Coronavirus Vaccine Work?

The COVID-19 novel coronavirus vaccine can protect us from the virus that causes the COVID-19 novel coronavirus, thereby avoiding illness. Different vaccines work differently, but they will all help our immune system defend against future infections.

The vaccine usually provides full protection within a few weeks after the last vaccination in a series of vaccination. Sometimes vaccination may cause mild fever or cold-like symptoms, but these symptoms are harmless.

What are the benefits of vaccination?
The FDA-approved COVID-19 novel coronavirus vaccine has been carefully evaluated in clinical trials to ensure that it has the ability to protect us from the COVID-19 novel coronavirus.

The ability of the COVID-19 new coronavirus vaccine to prevent us from spreading the virus to others is currently unclear, but is under careful study.

Absurd rumors about vaccination
The COVID-19 vaccine will not let you get COVID-19
COVID-19 vaccination will not cause COVID-19 infection. The purpose of the vaccine is to teach our immune system how to resist the virus that causes COVID-19. Learn more about how the COVID-19 vaccine works.

The COVID-19 vaccine will not make you test positive for COVID-19
The vaccine does not make you test positive for the virus. This test is used to check if you are currently infected with the virus.

If your body develops an immune response (which is the purpose of the vaccination), you may test positive in some antibody tests. Antibody testing indicates that you have been infected with a virus before and may have a certain degree of protection against the virus. Experts are currently studying how COVID-19 new coronavirus vaccination affects antibody test results.

Patients infected with COVID-19 may still benefit from vaccination
Even if people have been ill due to COVID-19, we recommend that they get the COVID-19 vaccine. This is because COVID-19 causes serious health risks and the possibility of re-infection with COVID-19.

At present, we do not know how long the protection period can last for people after recovering from COVID-19 without getting sick again.

We have to wait until we have the vaccine and more relevant data on its effects before we know how long the immune protection period produced by the vaccine will last.

Vaccination helps prevent diseases caused by COVID-19 new coronavirus
Although many patients with COVID-19 are mildly ill, others may be severely ill or even die. Even if you are not at risk of serious complications, you cannot be sure how the COVID-19 novel coronavirus will affect your health. Getting vaccinated against the COVID-19 novel coronavirus can help you protect yourself and avoid contracting diseases. Learn more about how the COVID-19 novel coronavirus vaccine works.

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