Video of Obama’s Daughter Dancing that she has been Forced to Delete: “Irresponsible”

The criticized video of Barack Obama’s daughter dancing that she has been forced to delete: “Irresponsible”
The Obama family has enjoyed their peace of mind since they left the White House almost 4 years ago. On the other hand, there are certain actions that continue to provoke comments on networks around the family, this last time due to an irresponsible video that Sasha Obama, the former president’s young daughter, has published with friends where no security measures are followed.

Since the pandemic began and the restrictive measures became known, all of us have had to adapt our lives to the complicated situation we are experiencing.  A well-known young woman has shown her irresponsibility in the face of the pandemic and has been nothing more and nothing less than Sasha Obama. The youngest daughter of Barack and Michelle Obama has posted a video on social media that has drawn criticism on social media.

On the well-known Tik Tok platform, the 19-year-old has shared a video with six friends where they appear dancing and singing a song. So far everything would be normal, but young people, ignoring the restrictions that they currently have in the United States, the country that has suffered the most deaths from Covid-19, do not wear a mask and do not respect the safety distance either.

This act has provoked, as expected, the reactions of Twitter users who have labeled the young woman as “irresponsible” or “vulgar”, among others. These comments have caused Sasha to delete the video from the social network.

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